Nasheed: Damdim A'alayha Rubana (Dedication For Palestine) - By Abu Ali
Nasheed: Damdim A'alayha Rubana (Dedication For Palestine) - By Abu Ali [3:40]

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Sheikh Imam, Khaldoun Al Shammari. nice voice. by خلدون الشمري


Sheikh Imam, Khaldoun Al Shammari. nice voice. by خلدون الشمري

Sheikh Imam, Khaldoun Al Shammari reciter of the Koran and one of the young men who have preserved the Quran at an early age and is characterized by a soft voice thin and beautiful and the performance of a high level. Born in 1994 in the town of the tribe Zver a suburb of the capital Baghdad, a predominantly social character of authentic Bedouin had great credit to his father raised him in the correct and proper upbringing and urged him and encourage the education and preservation of the Koran since he was six years old. Aldver was devoid of any center to save the Quran walks towards the neighboring areas where this service is available educational and studied there at the hands of several chieftains of Iraq and the Arab Republic of Egypt. Sheikh confirms that the nature of his district usually nomadic people tend to eloquence and mastery of punctuation of letters it is easy to get the job done when he became 12 years old where he was able to take leave to read the Holy Quran memorization, tajweed. He points out that learning the seven readings of the Koran, known systems require a study of the lattice system Shatby Obn Jawzi must for those who wanted to preserve one of the two systems that do not confuse the readings verses Shatby consisting of 1173 beta and 1018 the amount of beta-Jawzi poetic. After high school went to the Shaykh al-Bayt University to study Islamic law and jurisprudence and chose to follow the assets at a later stage depth at the core of this specialization attend masters program in the Faculty of Law at the University of Jordan and get this certificate with honors. He also managed to succeed in courses related to Sindh (read the Holy Quran by heart and full) Hafs ibn Asim, one of the seven readings deployed in most countries of Arab and Islamic worlds. Active-Sheikh in delivering Friday sermons in mosques multiple in Australia received Sheikh to contest the University of Al al-Bayt memorizing the whole Quran in 2000 and finished first in this competition, as happened in the high in the contest Jordan International in the years 2001 and 2002 and 2003 and earned a fifth place at King Abdulaziz International competition held in Saudi Arabia. And won first place in the competition of Jordanian universities in the Holy Quran, which was held at the Hashemite University in 2006 and managed to reach second place in the competition of King Mohammed VI International Holy Quran, Recitation and Interpretation held in the Kingdom of Morocco in 2007. Muslim sheikh advised to continue to read the Holy Quran is a medicine for the soul and the remover to them and the grief and healing, and guidance and mercy for the believers and confirms for people wishing to save the Holy Quran that the balance between conservation and its ability to consistently large number of run-off
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